2015 Roto Reel

This is a compilation of self produced projects using nuke and maya to demonstrate my roto skills.
I used various techniques to create them which allowed me to explore tools such as keylight, rotopaint, 3d environment in nuke, creating clean backplates etc.
I enjoyed learning nuke and hope to continue furthering my skills and learning more.

2015 Lighting Reel

This is my Lighting showreel which features 5 projects I have worked on

  1. The Airplane on the grass (Breakdown found HERE)
  2. Lounging Around (Breakdown found HERE)
  3. Catacombs (Breakdown found HERE)
  4. Posing Eggs
  5. The Umberhulk by Van Hewitt
  • Lighting: Lara Collins
  • Environment: Matthew Graham
  • Animation/Comp/Actor: Alexander Hewitt
  • Character: Levi Rice
  • Dynamics: Andrew Holloway

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